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Approved Training Partner Directory (ATPD) Application

Qualified schools/institutions, in the Orange County LWDA, that are included on the statewide ETPL, are only eligible to receive referrals for subsidized training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) if they meet Demand Occupation Criteria. Interested eligible ETPL schools/institutions will be offered the opportunity to enter into a formal Agreement with the OCDB and placed on the Approved Training Partner Directory (ATPD). Once a signed contract is in place, the Provider will be included on the ATPD and will be eligible to receive additional customer referrals.

 Click the following link for the latest OCDB Approved Training Partner Directory (ATPD)


1.     Schools/institutions who are interested in applying for the ATPD must complete and submit the following documentation:

2.     OCDB will review the information entered for completeness and accuracy and either approve or reject the school or institution’s ATPD application.

3.     The school or institution’s representative will be notified via e-mail once the application is approved (or rejected).

4.     If schools/institutions are denied being added to the ATPD, they may appeal here.


Refer to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Eligible Training Provider List Policy and Procedures Directive
(RWSD13-10) for more information:


Failure to meet any of the required guidelines may result in the ATPD provider being placed on “hold” (corrective action) and/or termination of their ATPD contract and subsequent removal from the ATPD.


OCDB maintains sole discretion as to which schools or institutions meet requirements for inclusion on the ATPD. 

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